Wesley Snipes Reaches Settlement on Tax Charges

Wesley Snipes has reached a settlement with the Internal Revenue Service regarding his tax fraud charges.

The agreement will likely see Snipes surrender to federal authorities when he next returns to America.

In return for agreeing to a payment plan, Snipes will not be jailed and will be allowed both to continue working and to travel abroad.

According to an Oct. 17 indictment, Snipes tried to unsuccessfully claim nearly $12 million in false refunds for taxes he paid in 1996 and 1997.

The Blade star had his taxes prepared by accountants with a history of filing false returns to reap payments for their clients.

Snipes is currently in Namibia shooting the horror film Gallowwalker.

The film’s director Andrew Goth says, “We are happy that he continues to turn up on set each day. If his indictment creates this amount of press, it shows he is a star.”

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