What Are Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan Saying in This ‘Scary Movie 5’ Pic?

OK, Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen wake up in bed together…

scary movie 5 lohan

No, that’s not a really bad joke that your uncle Seamus would tell after one too many Guinesses at an Irish Wake. This is the opening to Scary Movie 5, the latest cinematic masterpiece in the long-running parody series. How do we know for sure? The Weinstein Company released the first still of the movie today, and it’s the two of them waking up in bed. Yup, there’s no context for it whatsoever. We’re going to add some. What do you think these two are saying to each other. Here are some one liners that might explain the punchline of the scene:

Charlie: “Listen, you’re money’s on the table.”

Lindsay: “What the hell was that pill you gave me?”

Charlie: “Mind if I call you Denise?”

Lindsay: “I’ve never been this exhausted without being hospitalized.”

Charlie: “I feel like I should say, ‘Winning,’ but I don’t know if that is what is really going on here.”

Lindsay: “Why is that midget in the corner wearing a poodle costume?”

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[Photo Credit: Dimension Films]


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