What Do You Think About Jack Nicholson in the Jackie Robinson Biopic ’42’?

Jack NicholsonIf Jack Nicholson was in a Jackie Robinson movie, would you see it?

Well, figure the components. Jack Nicholson is one of the most celebrated actors of our time. And Jackie Robinson is a beloved figure of the civil rights movement. So, mathematically, the fact that Nicholson is being cast in 42, a biopic of the sports legend, should be great news. But how well do these two things go together?

History has proven that just because two things are great, it doesn’t mean the product of those two things will be great. For instance: Will Ferrell and basketball. Mitch Hurwitz and cartoons. Batman and Robin. So will “Jack Nicholson and Jackie Robinson” be an addition to this string of disappointments?

Of course, this is mere speculation. We have no reason to believe that the film won’t be an absolute hit. In fact, we’ll make a run for theaters as soon as it comes out. Sure, the film may have an error or two, but it should be a ball to watch. Nicholson has excelled in his field (he can really steal a scene or two), so we’re confident that he can really drive this film home. It should be inte-great.

No word on who Nicholson will play, although considering his age, suspicions surround the character of Branch Rickley, Brooklyn Dodgers executive.

Source: Vulture