What If ‘The Dark Knight’ Was Made in the ’60s? — VIDEO


Batman 1966The Dark Knight — and Christopher Nolan’s first Batman outing Batman Begins, for that matter — were revolutionary in the world of superhero movies. They were not only darker, but they offered a higher level of discourse and philosophy than we’d come to expect from a summer blockbuster. But as the saying goes: Don’t forget where you came from. 

The first Batman movie, starring Adam West, was released in 1966 to an audience of adoring fans, conditioned to love the Batman thanks to the first season of Batman, the TV show. The crime-fighters’ life was simple. Brawls weren’t bloody and visceral, they were colorful and punchy, amplified by flying letters spelling out “Pow!” and “Splash!” in primary colors. It was a swinging good time. 
Naturally, we couldn’t resist throwing Nolan’s Dark Knight through the ’60s ringer to satisfy our curiosity. So what would The Dark Knight look like if it was made in 1966? Well, probably a little something like this:

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