What’s the General Idea Of Chris Meloni’s ‘Man Of Steel’ Role?

Chris MeloniThe streets of New York may be losing a dedicated detective, but apparently Metropolis is gaining a general…which is kind of a letdown. I was really hoping that Chris Meloni would be taking the more formidable role of Lex Luthor in the upcoming Superman film, Man of Steel. Until now, details about his role were vague, and it’s still a little vague because Meloni wouldn’t reveal anything else about his character.

The actor is doubtlessly known best for his twelve-year-long “Will they or won’t they?” relationship with Mariska Hargitay on Law & Order: SVU. His recent departure from the show will allow Meloni to explore more film roles. Meloni did express that despite being excited about pursuing new projects, he would miss working with Hargitay and the rest of the SVU cast and crew. Hopefully, he’ll consider revisiting his comedic side, best displayed playing against a can of mixed vegetables.

Meloni will be shooting his scenes for Man of Steel from the end of August until approximately February of 2012. The movie is set to open in December of 2012.

Source: Vulture