The Important Detail ‘The Book Thief’ Trailer Leaves Out

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What made Markus Zusak’s bestselling holocaust novel The Book Thief so compelling was its unorthodox narration. This was in part due to Zusak’s poetic style and clever integration of the German language. But the main reason the novel is so unique is the author’s choice of narrator, the Grim Reaper. Yes, Death himself narrates the Book Thief, and his darkly comedic and often surprisingly sympathetic narration makes it more than just a tragic story. 

Fans of the book have wondered whether the movie, out November 15th and starring Geoffrey Rush, will have the same dark narrator, for his perspective is missing from the trailer. To their relief, Zusak confirmed that Death will be narrating the film. He wrote on his blog:

“I will just say to all the loyal readers out there who might be wondering if Death narrates the actual film, as he does in the book: The answer is an emphatic YES. Whilst I’m able to tell you that detail, I can’t say anything else just yet – except that I’m looking forward to seeing how Death enters the screen, and to hearing him speak.”

Who will voice the deadly narrator remains a mystery.

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