Whatever ‘Sinister’ Is About, It Looks Horrifying — TRAILER


After watching the new Red Band trailer for the forthcoming Scott Derrickson (The Exorcism of Emily Rose) horror film Sinister, we’re still kind of in the dark on what the movie is actually about. Ethan Hawke lives in an haunted house with his family — one with a box of film reels depicting the deaths of his children, naked people springing out of every nook and cranny in horror, and some kind of Child’s Play-like demon watching from the bulrushes. Again, not too sure what’s going on here… but it’s pretty damn scary.

Sinister seems like it’ll draw from a few different horror wells. There’s the jump-scare factor: our hero creeps around the corners of his ghoul-infested home, then BAM! Something. Anything. Ghost, cat, doesn’t matter. It jumps out and you’re scared. But beyond that, there are more substantial chills deposited into the viewer. The haunting idea that your loved ones are in constant danger. The even more haunting idea that a pumpkin-faced monster is lurking outside your window. The trailer alone is highly unsettling, so the movie is bound to be a real nightmare.

Sinister comes to theaters October 12.

[Photo Credit: Summit Entertainment]


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