When Did Willis, Cage and Mirren Join ‘Captain America’?

Normally major casting announcements don’t slip by me, but occasionally a movie studio tries to hold back some information regarding key cameos and appearances in their most anticipated productions for a surprise. The collective internet community found out pretty late in the game about Bruce Willis‘ cameo in The Expendables, but is the action maven stopping by the set of another big-budget film?

According to IMDB, Willis, along with comic book enthusiast Nicolas Cage and Red star Helen Mirren, are set to appear in undisclosed roles in Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios Captain America: The First Avenger. All of the other actors who are in the film – from star Chris Evans to relative unknown Natalie Dormer – have been tagged with named parts except for the three fore mentioned stars, who seem to have just appeared on the films detail page. Check out this screen-grab from the site below (I know it’s small, but you can identify the new names by their lack of character description):


Let’s make this clear: this story is completely unconfirmed. I haven’t heard anything about Willis, Mirren or Cage joining the film and these announcements don’t usually go unnoticed by the film-journalists like myself, but could it be true? Could these three award-winning, box-office draws be joining the already stellar cast of what is sure to be one of the biggest films of next summer? I could certainly see Mirren taking on a role as British royalty as she has in the past (they are filming in the UK, after all), but what of Willis and Cage? Would they appear on the European battlefield in small roles, like so many stars did in Saving Private Ryan (Dennis Farina, Ted Danson and Paul Giamatti all chimed in and out of that Oscar winning war epic, and even more stars did the same in Terrence Malick’s The Thin Red Line)? Only time will tell – unless Paramount or Marvel decides to let us know what’s going on.

Source: IMDB