Which Animated Movie Should You See This Fall?


Fall has quite a few animated, family friendly offerings. Of course, they might not all be your cup of tea. And while the kiddos will probably make it extremely easy to tell which movies they want to see, it couldn’t hurt to have a handle on these non-live-action flicks before the tykes start squealing endlessly about their favorites. And you know, just because a movie is family-friendly, that doesn’t mean you have to have kids or cousins or nieces and nephews to enjoy it. Luckily, we’ve made it easy for you to figure out which animated flick is right up your alley.

Finding Nemo 3D

Release Date: Sept. 14

Rating: G

You should see it if: You’re the sort of person who sees every Disney movie no matter what. The thought of Nemo reuniting with his dad after an hour-and-a-half of sea adventurers makes your heart flutter and you secretly wish you could experience life as a tropical fish.

Hotel Transylvania

Release Date: Sept. 28

Rating: PG

You should see it if: You take no issue with Adam Sandler’s interesting Transylvanian accent. You’re the sort of person who has trouble understanding that folks like Frankenstein and Dracula don’t actually exist, which makes you wonder, “What do those scary people do when they’re tired of being so scary?” And then answer yourself like so: “Clearly, they go to get a little R&R at a monsters-only hotel.” This movie is for you.


Release Date: Sept. 20

Rating: PG

FrankenweenieYou should see it if: You saw the original Frankenweenie, also from Tim Burton, and thought, “Man, this would be so much cooler in stop-motion animation.” Or, you really miss hearing Christopher Lee’s signature spooky timbre and you’re a sucker for a movie poster with a dog as the focus. (Marley and Me got the rest of us too, okay?)

Wreck-It Ralph

Release Date: Nov. 2

Rating: Not Yet Rated

You should see it if: You will drop every last quarter you can scrounge up when you come across an arcade game like Pac-Man or Rampage. You have a “vintage” Atari… and you actually play it. You scoff every time you see guide books and cheat cheat codes for a video game (and heavily judge the lazy person holding them).

Rise of the Guardians

Release Date: Nov. 21

Rating: Not Yet Rated

You should see it if: You’re the sort of person who goes all out for Christmas decorations – even your dish soap bears a label covered in sparkly snowflakes come Dec. 1. You should especially see this if you’re so holiday-oriented, you decorate for every possible occasion — you probably even have George Washington window decals for President’s Day.

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