Which Backstreet Boy Is a Vampire? — VIDEO

Over a decade after first sucking up teen girls’ affection with albums like 1999’s smash Millennium, one Backstreet Boy will be sucking up blood on the big screen. Kevin Richardson, who left the group in 2006, but rejoined the Backstreet Boys-New Kids on the Block hybrid NKOTBSB this year, is trying on fangs on the big screen in The Bloody Indulgent

In the film, which is expected in 2012, Richardson plays Burt, a typically tortured vampire who is also a drug addict. The Backstreet Boy spoke to E! Online about the role: “He’s got a lot of different things going on with him. A lot of different issues he’s trying to work through.”
Of course, a Backstreet/vampire fan can’t help but wonder: Twilight or True Blood? “I haven’t seen any of the Twilight films. I do watch True Blood. I enjoy True Blood. Sometimes it’s a little campy and out there but that’s fun too sometimes. I’ve always loved vampire films.”
But Richardson also has a sexier role on tap in The Casserole Club — one that requires him to film (cover your inner 13-year-old fan’s ears) sex scenes in the buff. “This is actually the first time I’ve done any onscreen loves scenes or anything like that,” Richardson told E!. “So yeah, it was awkward. But the people that I was acting opposite of were very professional and easygoing. We ended up laughing and having fun. It was interesting.”
But, Backstreet Boys fans, prepare to put more on your planner than just Bloody Indulgent  (see the trailer below) and Casserole Club. Richardson told E! he and his bandmates are headed back into the recording studio and are gearing up for their world tour. File under: News that definitely doesn’t suck.

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