Which Superheroes Should Be Added to the ‘Avengers’ Sequel?


ALTLike a pretty significant percentage of the world’s population has already and/or soon will, we’ve seen The Avengers — and while we can’t stop thinking and talking about writer/director Joss Whedon’s masterful execution and the resulting justice he’s done to the ultimate superhero story, there’s something else on our minds: the inevitable sequel.

Everyone in front of and behind the camera has done a bang-up job with The Avengers; it’s the quintessential collaborative effort, and certainly nothing would need to be changed personnel-wise on a prospective sequel. But whereas this one, for obvious box office reasons, had to stick to the big-name Avengers, we’re hoping the next ‘round delves deeper into the lineup.

If it were up to us, the Avengers sequel would be more diverse — and perhaps a little more obscure. Among the no-brainers: Black Panther, one of the first African-American superheroes overall, whose herb-aided powers include senses and abilities similar to those of an actual panther; Ant-Man, one of the original and most popular Avengers who can change size and insect type; and The Thing, a Fantastic Four co-founder (played by Michael Chiklis in both of that crime-fighting team’s recent films), whose trademark rocky orange body begs to be seen again on the screen, alongside other Marvel greats.

As for other, somewhat lesser-known Avengers we’d like to see? The Vision (a multi-powered robot and member of the present-day roster) and Scarlet Witch (the hot, mutant daughter of Magneto) would make for a, quite literally, kick-ass husband-and-wife duo. They’d be joined by a pair of female superheroes: Hellcat, who is essentially the Avengers’ version of Catowman, and Tigra, a bikini-clad tiger-woman who we’d pay good money to see brought to life in the sequel. So… what would your dream team look like in The Avengers 2?


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