‘White House Down’ Looks Like Channing Tatum & Jamie Foxx’s ’21 Jump Street’

Credit: Columbia Pictures

When we visited the set of White House Down last summer, director Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, 2012) told us that from the minute he signed on to direct the epic home invasion picture, that he wanted Channing Tatum for the lead. For Emmerich, Tatum is the full package action hero.

“He’s a little bit a throwback to guys like Steve McQueen,” Emmerich said. “Sometimes, it’s a little bit James Dean. It’s kind of quite strange. He’s very unique. He has something very upright about him.”

He also happens to be extremely funny — a fact Hollywood discovered after the rude (and riotous) awakening that was 21 Jump Street. Judging from the new trailer for White House Down, that’s the side of Tatum that Emmerich is tapping into. In the middle of a terrorist crisis, Tatum’s John Cale finds himself in charge of protecting the President, played by Oscar-winner and In Living Color vet Jamie Foxx. Pairing them together turns the movie into a straight up buddy action comedy. Kind of like a Lethal Weapon at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The first trailer for White House Down slathered on the patriotism and promised Tatum in Bruce Willis goon-smashing mode. The new treatment has a different, and certainly more welcome, vibe. It’s over the top in a way that only Emmerich can be (within seconds of seeing the Capitol Building explode, then cut to the duo prepping a rocket launcher in the Presidential state car), while Tatum and Foxx are two spitfires with natural rapport. We’re half expecting Tatum to jump into a gong at some point.

White House Down races into theaters June 28. For now, check out the trailer and join us in wondering if Tatum is wearing eyeliner. Or is he naturally highlighted?

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