Whitney Houston Biopic in the Works: Too Soon?

Whitney HoustonThe elapsed time between a celebrity’s passing and a biopic film attributed to his or her life seems to be thinning rapidly. A film exploring and celebrating the life and work of Whitney Houston is already in progress. In fact, production is far enough along for casting considerations to be underway. One of the biggest names mentioned thus far is Rihanna.

It is hardly surprising that a Whitney Houston biopic is already underway, but it is still a volatile enough subject to stir some controversy. Some might think it tasteless to greenlight a project of this nature so soon after the iconic musician’s passing, admonishing producers for profiting off the widespread attention to her untimely death—those people would probably be at least partially justified in that accusation. But it does add some favor toward the project to know that Houston herself was working on the idea of an autobiographical film before she died. Cooperating with the star on the concept was friend and record label boss Clive Davis, who is still attached with chief creative control over the project. This information is likely to make the idea of the film seem quite a bit more tasteful.

Of course, there will be controversy surrounding the film as long as it is in production. The depiction of Houston is unlikely to satisfy all audiences, given the sensitivity about her image that has arisen in recent weeks. But knowing that the film is in the hands of a close friend of Houston’s, and one whom she clearly trusted as a creative collaborator, is a good sign.

Source: Screenrant, Daily Mail