Who Knew ‘Lilo & Stitch’ Was Originally Way More Violent?

Lilo and Stitch
Buena Vista Pictures

It’s not uncommon for certain Disney movies to have dark undertones. Let’s not even talk about that infamous scene in Toy Story 3 that makes us cry (and is really grim when you think about it). Lilo and Stitch isn’t an exception, and the movie was actually a whole lot more violent, but entire scenes were changed or cut out before the film hit theaters.

According to Dorkly, Lilo & Stitch was edited to be a whole lot tamer than it actually was, most notably in a scene that hits an hour into it. Originally, the alien Jumba was fired from his mission that required him to safely capture Stitch. Since he was fired, he went a bit rogue and invaded Lilo’s home with force. Apparently, the test audiences thought the scene was too violent, so it was changed.

Jumba was originally going to destroy the roof while trying to shoot Stitch with a laser gone. The laser was altered to become dishes.

lilo before

Lilo gets chased by a wild chainsaw in these scene, which kind of rightly was cut.


They also changed Jumba’s Swiss Army Knife, which originally had an ax, buzzsaw and dart to something much more tame with a comb and toothbrush.

lilo and stitch

They also changed the ending. Originally Stitch hijacked a 747, but Disney decided that maybe a plane hijack wasn’t a good idea. Instead, the 747 became Jumba’s spaceship.


The 747 originally flew through Honolulu and crashed into buildings, but considering planes crashing into buildings is an extremely sensitive topic, Disney changed the scene to the mountains.


Do you think Lilo & Stitch was unnecessarily censored?