Why Does Diddy’s ‘Coming Home’ Sync Perfectly with ‘Tree of Life’?

Unlike most of his contemporaries, writer/director Terrence Malick lives his life shrouded in secrets. Since 1973, he’s only made five films (with a sixth on the way) and even when his movies arrive in theaters, rarely is the filmmaker seen or heard by the general public. His work, his art stands on its own, ready for interpretation, scrutiny and consumption.

His latest, Tree of Life, has been blowing movie-going audience’s minds since it opened in May, but only now does the film’s true mystery start to unravel. While the movie dabbles in religious study, existential thought, visual poetry and everything in-between, at its core, it may have even deeper meanings. Namely, Malick’s intense love for rapper/media mogul Diddy song “Coming Home.” Bet the Cannes crowd didn’t catch that one.

Think we’re joking? Play the trailer for Tree of Life simultaneously with the Dirty Money Last Train to Paris single and, suddenly, things start to click. Looks like Malick has done it again, delivering the world a modern day “Dark Side of the Moon”/Wizard of OZ. Check out the two videos below (remember to turn down the volume on Tree of Life), or for an even better look/listen, try TurnTubelist — it does all the work for you!

Thanks to @ctplante for bringing this pop culture revelation to our attention.