Why Where the Wild Things Are Isn’t Green

No, we’re not referring to the film’s environmental record or its box-office prospects, but rather the intriguing color palette used by Where the Wild Things Are director Spike Jonze for his ambitious adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s classic children’s book.

One of the more striking aspects of the film is its distinctive look, which director of photography Lance Acord achieved in part by avoiding use of the color green whenever possible. “We decided, after looking at scouting photos, that we weren’t going to have green in the film,” Acord explained recently at the film’s press day. “That was a big decision, and it really does affect the emotional response to the film.”

“Rather than say, ‘Here’s our palette,’ we began by saying, ‘What’s everybody expect? This is not going to be our palette,’” added Wild Things production designer K.K. Barrett. “There will be no green.”

Check out our Where the Wild Things Are photo gallery for more examples of the film’s green-free palette.

Where the Wild Things Are opens everywhere October 16, 2009.