Will Adrien Brody Play ‘Ant-Man’?

Adrien BrodyEdgar Wright has long been toiling away at his Ant-Man script and storyboards, hoping to get the film greenlit sooner than later. At this week’s Comic-Con, many details about almost all of Marvel Entertainment’s upcoming projects will make their way to the public, but one burning question that I’m personally interested in is whether or Ant-Man will, in fact, be a part of Paramount Pictures The Avengers and, if so, who will play him.

According to AMC’s John Campea, that question may have already been answered as he has received word that Adrien Brody is at the top of a shortlist for actors to play Henry Pym, who fashions technology that allows him to shrink to the size of and communicate with the insects. Latino Review confirmed the scoop from a contact at the actor’s agency (Paradigm), who said that “at press time, they were pursuing Ant-Man but got nothing yet.”

The Playlist has challenged the rumor, stating that they have “checked with sources very close to the project this morning and it’s evidently untrue.” This conflicting report also states that recent claims that fanboy favorite Nathan Fillion is also in the running for the part are untrue. Brody’s significantly higher industry status suggests that, of the names mentioned, he’d be the studio’s choice.

One way or another, I’m expected this whole casting question to be answered this weekend, so stay tuned for exclusive coverage of the San Diego Comic-Con here at Hollywood.com!

Source: MTV, The Playlist, Latino Review