Will Ferrell and Steve Carell Paired for Comedy from ‘Tropic Thunder’ Writer

Justin TherouxDid you know that Iron Man 2, Rock of Ages, and the script for the upcoming Zoolander sequel were all written by the same man? A man who has had roles on shows like Six Feet Under and Parks and Recreation, and a whole bunch of movies by the guys from Stella? And, on top of all that, is dating Jennifer Aniston? This wonderful man is named Justin Theroux, and he has a new project on the horizon: the previously announced comedy Swear to God, which will star Will Ferrell and Steve Carell. Deadline reports that Theroux will be directing the feature film, and rewriting an existing script crafted by the writers of Due Date.

Theroux’s behind-the-scenes Hollywood presence has been growing quietly for a few years now. In 2007, Theroux made his directorial debut with the romantic comedy/drama Dedication, and has since ensconced himself in the world of screenwriting. With the mentioned credits, as well as his writing debut Tropic Thunder, Theroux has spanned the dramas of comedy, action, and jukebox musical (is that a genre?). But Swear to God will be Theroux’s first script without either a prequel or source material since Tropic Thunder, which means we’ll really get to see his exercise his creativity.

Theroux seems to have some pretty steadfast showbiz relationships: David Wain and Michael Showalter, of course, as well as the other recurring troupe members on this team’s cinematic triumphs, including Rock of Ages star Malin Akerman. Theroux worked with girlfriend Jennifer Aniston in Wain’s Wanderlust, as well. So, considering his own proclivity for being cast and recast by these figures, might we see Theroux throw a few roles for his pals into Swear to God? There’s certainly room for it — the wacky premise features Ferrell as an egomaniacal hedge fund manager who begins to believe that he has seen and spoken to God. A wily Will Ferrell comedy like this one is definitely the kind of movie that would welcome the talents of Wain’s parade of comedians, Aniston included. Plus, it seems almost impossible that mutual collaborator Ben Stiller won’t show up somewhere in the film.

Both Ferrell and Carell have movies opening this week: The Campaign and Hope Springs, respectively. Swear to God is scheduled to begin production after Ferrell and Carell have wrapped on the Anchorman sequel.

[Photo Credit: David Edwards/Daily Celeb]


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