Will Ferrell Brings His Signature Stare to the ‘Casa de Mi Padre’ Poster

Will Ferrell will take on any genre, any subject matter, any character, just so long as he retains the ability to use that vacant, kind of squinty facial expression that has become his beloved trademark. So far, it has served him well. He might actually chose his roles based on how much relevance this contortion of his face muscles will have. Luckily for us Armando Alvarez, Ferrell’s character in Casa de Mi Padre, is right in the epicenter of vacant squinting territory.

In the Spanish-language satire, Ferrell plays a rancher who must protect his family’s land from aggressive interlopers. However, in the process, he also manages to fall for his brother’s fiancee in a very soap opera-esque fashion. Were that not enough for the lot of you who are borderline insatiable when it comes to promising aspects to movies, Nick Offerman (that’s Ron Swanson) is in this, playing a racist American who treads down to Ferrell’s land, plotting a hostile arrangement.

The below poster gets us in the spirit of the fun, glimmering new film, which comes out Mar. 16. Casa de Mi Padre is directed by Matt Piedmont, and also stars Genesis Rodriguez and Diego Luna. Embrace the spirit. It is your destiny.