Will Josh Brolin Join Spike Lee’s ‘Oldboy’?

Josh BrolinSpike Lee is signed on to remake Oldboy — there seems to be nothing anyone can do to stop that — so we might as well make the best of it. The production company behind the remake, Mandate, is reportedly reaching to place a major role in the indubitably capable hands of Josh Brolin.

The original Oldboy, for those unaware, was a South Korean action-packed mystery/thriller made back in 2003; it followed the short window of opportunity a former hostage victim has to take revenge on his kidnapper.

So far, no word has reached the public on Brolin’s interest in the project. But if he does sign on, that’d put some major points in the film’s column. Brolin’s a winner. He was the saving grace of W., he stole the show in True Grit, and was totally awesome in that season one episode of 21 Jump Street.

Even if the man doesn’t sign on for this role, we’re in for some upcoming Brolinity. Gangster Squad, a developing 1940s crime piece, has Brolin cast alongside every amazing actor alive today. He’ll also be playing the Young Agent K in the upcoming Men In Black III — hopefully, there’s a lot of flashbacks.

Source: Twitchfilm