Will Smith to Fight More Zombies in Another ‘I Am Legend’ Film?

Will SmithNaturally, an I Am Legend sequel wouldn’t have that much pull without the presence of star Will Smith. But logically, an I Am Legend sequel couldn’t really exist with Smith since, as I hope you all know by now, he dies at the end. This notwithstanding, a new I Am Legend film is being planned, with Smith sought to return to the Robert Neville: Zombie-Doctor role he played back in 2007. So are we in for a prequel?

One might assume so, but that poses another big problem. An immediate prequel to the events in I Am Legend wouldn’t really differ much from the original film. We’d just see more of Smith and a dog surviving, helping others survive, trying to find the cure, slowly losing their minds. A more distant prequel would offer a bit of variety…but the problem there would be even larger: a lack of zombies. Could the film dare to go so far back that the zombie outbreak has not yet transpired? If so…what exactly are we going to be watching?

The most viable option, perhaps, is a film detailing the events that took place between the news reports of the diseases that opened I Am Legend, and the time period that encapsuled the bulk of the movie. Although, really, we know enough about how this all went down to understand everything thereafter. It seems as though any further exploration of the I Am Legend timeline would be overdoing it.

Now, a Bagger Vance sequel on the other hand…