Will Smith Wants to Play Barack Obama

Will SmithWill Smith has saved the world a few dozen times already, so it’s only natural that he should eventually lead it. Smith has already spouted his plans to take on the role of the most powerful man on Earth. As the movie star told BBC, he aspires to play President Barack Obama in a movie, and thinks he’s “the most natural choice.”

Says Smith, “We talked about it a few months ago. And again, it’s about the ears. That’s the ears. People see the ears, and Barack and I both have the ears … I told him — joking — I said, ‘It’s definitely something I would consider, you just have to write the ending.’ So, he’s working on the ending right now.”

Smith isn’t the first celebrity to profess his desire to get in character as the Commander-in-Chief. Recording artist/actor Drake has also vocalized his aspirations to play Obama in the future.

You’re probably more likely to see a Smith-starring Obama biopic than a Drake one, but is Smith too big a presence on his own to properly embody the character of Obama? Would Smith’s Smithiness overshadow the Obamacy of the performance?

It’s still interesting to think about one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood today taking on a role like this; what’s more, it’s fun to consider who might makeup the presidential cabinet, or some of the president’s opposing candidates. If Alfonso Ribeiro signs on as Herman Cain, this movie will make billions.

[Photo Credit: Daily Celeb/David Edwards]


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