Will ‘The Rover’ Help Robert Pattinson Get Past His ‘Twilight’ Image?

Robert Pattinson, The RoverA24/Fresh Movie Trailers/YouTube

Robert Pattinson apparently had enough of being known for being Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies and as the actor that adorns all the covers of the teenage magazines (and who gets a metric ton of ribbing in the lad magazines like Maxim). He’s definitely far from being the pale, sparkly heartthrob vampire in The Rover, an upcoming film set in a desolate, dystopian future in the Australian Outback (New country motto: “Now EVERYTHING Here Wants To Kill You, Not Just The Animals and Insects”).

This isn’t some sort of hasty image makeover, like New Kids On the Block suddenly attempting to rap or Michael Jackson trying to look tough on Bad. It’s not Pattinson doing some romantic comedy, like the ill-received Remember Me, in between filming Twilight sequels. He looks nothing like anything we’ve seen him in before — his normally thick hair has been shaved nearly bald and he sports a perpetual stubble. Also, his frame is gaunter, since his character probably lives day-by-day in terms of finding his next source of food. He looks just very jagged and hard — though his trademark thick eyebrows are still present.

Watch Pattinson’s eyes in every scene he appears in the trailer. They’re constantly watchful, cautious, even almost feral. They show a survival instinct, where they have to take every bit of detail going on around them to make sure they don’t miss anything. Listen during the whole trailer… his character doesn’t speak once, except in an almost involuntary shout as he ducks behind a bed during a fusillade of gunfire. Another former cover boy, Guy Pearce, stars alongside him and looks like if he went another week without shaving, he’d resemble Tom Hanks in Cast Away.

One person who Pattinson could probably identify with is Brad Pitt, another man vying for the world record of Highest Cheekbones. Pitt also decided he just wanted to be known as an actor, and not someone who relied on being easy on the eyes. This could be Pattinson’s Twelve Monkeys. if he succeeds, then people like Hayden Christiensen, who is probably very tired of hearing people mock him about those “grains of sand” lines in Star Wars, might want to take note.

Otherwise, we might see Pattinson in a Twilight reboot a decade or so from now.