Will Tom Hardy Play David Yates’ Al Capone?

David YatesAfter completing four of the most monumental films in cinema history, you might think that director David Yates — whose latest film Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 is slashing box office records as we speak — would just want to roll around on a mattress filled with money and fan letters. But instead, the filmmaker is already working on a big new project: Cicero. It’s a biopic about a particularly recognizable and intriguing figure: Al Capone.

The choice to play the lead in Cicero as it stands is Tom Hardy, one of several members of the Inception cast to appear in the upcoming (though not quickly enough) trilogy-maker, The Dark Knight Rises. Reportedly, the schedule for Christopher Nolan’s next Batman installment, in which Hardy plays the iconic villain Bane, may conflict with Cicero, so nothing is definite for the Capone role.

Right off his success from the almost universally acclaimed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Yates is receiving offers for two more projects. Interestingly, and appropriately, both are adaptations. The first is from the Stephen King novel, The Stand. The second is from the comic series, Fables. After he managed to both stay faithful to the book and still breathe cinematic life into the Harry Potter films, it’s no surprise that Yates is getting a surge in notoriety.

Source: Slashfilm