Willem Dafoe Makes Crazy Alien Faces on ‘John Carter’ Blu-ray — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


I’m not sure even Shakespeare, easily the greatest dramatist of all time, could have predicted the lengths to which actors today would be going to achieve realistic performances. The Bard’s works notably lack the exploration of planetary travel and extraterrestrial lifeforms, but thanks to advancements in camera, special effect and stilt technology, it is finally possible to mine the drama from alien conflicts. And with that uncharted territory comes a brand new set of acting skills. Iambic pentameter may be hard to master, but mimicking the faces and movements of a four-armed green Martian? Nearly impossible.

Luckily, the modern world has Willem Dafoe (who would have been the object of envy in Shakespeare’s day for sure). When Hollywood.com spoke to him leading up to the release of John Carter, the actor explained the physical challenges involved with bringing his character Tars Tarkas to life. Now, with this exclusive bit of footage from the upcoming John Carter Blu-ray, we finally get to see Dafoe take the green screen stage and deliver the cumbersome, but electric performance.

Check out the video below to see Dafoe in action and thank your lucky stars you’re not watching it from the muddy pit of The Globe.

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Willem Dafoe in John Carter