‘Winnie the Pooh’ Trailer Premieres

Please excuse me while I wipe my eyes.

The first trailer for Disney’s Winnie the Pooh just hit the web, and since watching, everything in my life just got warmer and fuzzier. Check it out below!

Unlike every other animated film released nowadays, Pooh will not be in computer animated or in 3D. Disney returns to its basics with a hand drawn, 2D presentation of everyone’s favorite bear, supervised by Mouse House animation leader, John Lasseter. Jim Cummings will return — voicing Winnie and his sidekick, the rambunctious Tigger — which will continue his 22 year career as the cuddly bear. Peter Cullen voices Eeyore, and Craig Ferguson jumps in as Owl. And possibly the best news? My future wife (in my dreams, of course) Zooey Deschanel will sing the theme song.

Source: YouTube