‘Winter’s Bone’ Wins Big At Gotham Independent Awards

Hubba HubbaAnd just like that the start of awards season is upon us. The Gotham Independent Awards take pride in only handing awards to the little films and winning films get a boost when they’re up against the studios in the Golden Globes and Oscars (even though these films often also have A-list actors and multi-million dollar production budgets, but whatever, they’re independent).

The clear winner was Winter’s Bone who took home Best Feature and Best Ensemble which is fantastic news for Jennifer Lawrence. She’s an incredible new actress and this film is emotionally powerful. The way she completely inhabits her character and travels in the world of the backwoods is magic on screen. She’ll need all the help she can get for an Oscar nomination because the Best Actress field is as close as its been in years. And if you skipped over those last few sentences of bullshit, she looks like this. Proof positive. Proof positive of what, I’m not sure. Well besides being able to hurt my jaw when it hits the floor.

Other winners include The Oath in best documentary which is a shame because it isn’t even in contention for the Oscars. Kevin Asch won best breakthrough director for Holy Rollers which combines my two favorite past times of marijuana and Hasidic Jews. Ronald Bronstein won the breakthrough actor award for Daddy Longlegs. And if you’re going to get upset about how there isn’t a breakthrough actress award, I was too until I realized that they don’t even separate their acting awards by gender and that’s actually pretty equal when you think about it. So good job Gotham Awards for not setting back gender relations. 

Source: Deadline