‘The Wolverine’ Trailer Dubbed with Slide Whistle — Is Hugh Jackman Still a Badass?

Credit: 20th Century Fox

When a grimacing mutant is barreling down upon you — his pectorals bulging through his tattered wife-beater, his hair spiked up in a manner both slick and feral, and an arsenal of metallic claws springing from his pulsating knuckles — it’s hard not to tremble in fear. Until, of course, you hear the slide whistle.

The comic masterminds at Filmdrunk have concocted a new version of the forthcoming X-Men chapter, The Wolverine, which arms Hugh Jackman’s humorless hero with a characteristic that kind of takes the edge off, just a bit: every time he protracts his deadly claws, we hear a slide whistle. Yes, in place of the metalling slashing sound to which we’re more accustomed, we have the substantially less chilling sounds of a child’s birthday party. And to be honest, we’re not too sure we wouldn’t be on board with a full length feature of this version of Wolverine. Enjoy the video below, and catch The Wolverine in theaters on July 26.

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