‘The Wolverine’: New Trailer Gives First Look at Silver Samurai

Credit: 20th Century Fox 

Jean Grey! In Bed! Okay, the part of me that has crushed on Famke Janssen ever since first watching her crush the life out of that pudgy admiral with her thighs in GoldenEye back when I was nine really loves the new trailer for James Mangold’s The Wolverine. In its first moments, Janssen’s flaming-haired mutant Grey — or a memory of her — torments Hugh Jackman’s title character in his dreams. This is a Wolverine haunted by guilt, regret, and the memory of those he’s hurt or allowed to get hurt. Themes that set up Mangold’s film as soulful human drama, especially once Wolverine realizes that his immortality-giving mutation may be cured.

Not that Mangold is skimping on the action. It looks like our mutton-chopped warrior is tangling with not one but two villains here, in Svetlana Khodchenkova’s Viper and, best of all, the Silver Samurai. Considering that the latter character features heavily in Big Hero 6, a Marvel property Disney Animation is developing for a film to be released in Fall 2014, could there be some synergy at work? Check out the trailer:

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