Wolves Are No Match for Liam Neeson in New ‘The Grey’ Trailer

A new trailer for the Liam Neeson “I’m going to survive, no matter what it takes” movie The Grey premiered over at Moviefone…and it looks phenomenal. If you like Taken, and you like Snow Dogs, you’ll love The Grey. Neeson and a plausibly intoxicated Frank Grillo introduce the clip below, predating the intensity with a bit of silly merriment.

The Grey follows the story of several survivors of a plane crash in the wild tundra. Neeson, a survivalist to some degree, becomes the leader of the group in an effort to travel south to safety. However, the torrential climate is not their only enemy: there are wolves. So, to everyone who has ever said, “I want to see Liam Neeson fight a wolf,” (and I believe there are hundreds of you out there), you’ll be getting your wish here.

Like Taken, the movie looks to be so much better than its summary would suggest: yes, it might come of as a simple, actiony survival film. But Neeson inspires confidence that The Grey will be a superb, exciting story. Watch the first trailer here for some more assurance.

The Grey, directed by Joe Carnahan, comes out Jan. 27, 2012.


Source: Moviefone