WonderCon 2013: The Terrifying Secrets Behind ‘The Conjuring’s R-Rating

The Conjuring

On Saturday, eager Wondercon fans were treated to two heart-pounding, fear-inducing sneak peeks for the upcoming thriller The Conjuring — and let’s just say we’re once again terrified of what could be under the bed.

Horror director extraordinaire James Wan was in attendance to introduce the two scream-worthy clips. The first was the already-released teaser trailer featuring the world’s most anxiety-filled game of hide-and-seek and a peek at the real-life family The Conjuring was based upon.

The second clip featured a never-before-scene from the thriller showing two sleeping daughters who quickly realize that something — or someone — is in their room. Wan’s directorial decision to let the camera linger on the girl looking under her bed was a truly anxiety-packed shot — he didn’t even need to show anything scary because the anticipation alone was enough to frighten the crowd.

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Wan explained that the lure of The Conjuring is the fact that the film is based on the true story. The Perron family experienced increasingly disturbing paranormal events in their Rhode Island farmhouse in the 1970’s. “A chance to do a true story movie is one that really got me excited.” Wan said. “I wanted to do the movie justice as to what these guys went through. I wanted to try and honor their stories as much as I could.”

Andrea Perron — who was just a girl when these sprits terrorized her family — has already seen the completed film and was thrilled to see how accurately her family’s story was portrayed. “I was actually astounded that there were so many elements of our story that were actually captured on film. The part that needed to be portrayed and what I thought was authentic was the love bond between our family,” she said.

Back in the ‘70s, the Perron family called upon world-renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren to help rid them of the dark creatures that plagued their home. Lorraine Warren — played by Vera Farmiga in the film — graced the panel Saturday afternoon and recalled traveling to that farmhouse nearly 4 decades ago.

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“When you have infestation in a home like that house with a terrified family, terrified children, and a terrified mother — it was just awful.” Warren reveals, “We came rushing into their home as quickly as we could to see if we could calm them down and help them in any way possible. Everything about it was portrayed very very accurately [in The Conjuring.]”

Despite all of these disturbing moments and terrifying thrills, Wan was always aiming for a PG-13 rating. “We said we didn’t want this film to be about explicit gore or grossing the audience out, we just wanted real scares in portraying what happened to this family,” he said.

Wan and the production teams were completely shocked when the MPAA bestowed an R-rating to The Conjuring. “When we got the R we were really surprised. When we asked why they said, it’s just too scary.” The director continued, “We pushed them and they said there are no specific scenes or moments you could take out to get a PG-13, it’s just too scary for certain audiences.

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Take a look at the original trailer for The Conjuring below and then take to your comments about whether or not you think the thriller deserved to be rated R.

The Conjuring will terrify theaters starting Friday, July 19.

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