You Definitely Need 44 Minutes of Every Time Woody Allen Has Stammered — VIDEO

Woody Allen Stammering

How to become mesmerized for 44 straight minutes: watch this video of Woody Allen stammering.

As inconceivable as it seems, there are actually 44 minutes of Allen in a state of perpetual nonsense in existence, which the Huffington Post has so lovingly put into one giant supercut. Every single second of Allen’s inability to communicate from Annie Hall to Manhattan to Stardust Memories and even Scoop (yeah, that was actually a movie starring Hugh Jackman). In some countries, this is considered actual torture. 

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You think you can make it through this whole video and then you get to the 20 minute mark and realize you’re actually starting to believe that people can communicate entirely through half syllables and “heys.” Look, we told you it was comprehensive. We didn’t say a word about it being healthy. 

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