Writers Chosen For ‘Yogi Bear 2’

yogi bearJoshua Sternin and Jeffrey Ventimilia have been selected to write the script for Yogi Bear 2. The duo also penned the original with Brad Copeland getting credit as well. Now, I’m not sure which is more surprising: That Warner Bros. is already talking about a sequel to Yogi Bear or that the studio actually had writers on the first one. Actually, the fact that they had writers and hired them again for the sequel is more shocking than them actually making a sequel. Of course they would make a sequel.

Anyway, Sternin and Ventimilia have to come up with more shenanigans for the CGI bears to get into. Besides the previously mentioned franchise starter, they also wrote Rio. If you forgot what that movie was about, it involved a bird having to get busy with another bird. So yeah, that’s who we have writing entertainment for our kids. Go America!

Source: Variety