Halle Berry’s New ‘X-Men’ Look: Soccer Mom Storm! — PIC

Now that original X-Men review Bryan Singer is back in the X-Men director’s chair for Days of Future Past, the Marvel movie mastermind looks to have the greatest opportunity yet to experiment with his creativity. The forthcoming feature veers from the established X-Men canon in a parallel timeline, plausibly exhibiting the known characters in different lights. Who knows what sort of mutants we’ll see — Wolverine as a money-hungry Wall Street exec? Beast as a mild mannered IT guy? Storm as a soccer mom?

So it seems from the latest image that Singer has tweeted of Days of Future past star Halle Berry, in costume as her weather-controlling heroine:

Credit: Twitter

While you’re not wont to find any of the sidelined mothers sporting this kind of caped getup during a middle school soccer game, Storm’s haircut just screams suburban matriarch. Maybe she’ll be utilizing her meteorological influence to provoke rain delays when her son Joshua’s asthma is acting up, or to strike down unjust refs with a bolt of lightning.

Catch Storm, in whatever form she takes, in X-Men: Days of Future Past come 2014.

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