‘X-Men: First Class’ Creative Team Already Planning Sequels

hippie wolverineIf you were worried that X-Men: First Class would arrive this summer without any forethought about sequels: relax. Also find more pressing things to worry about. And if you were worried they were just thinking of one sequel, you can rest easy: they’re thinking of a whole new trilogy. Yep, Matthew Vaughn and Bryan Singer are already planning to chronicle James McAvoy’s Charles Xavier as he goes from handsome British psychic to Patrick Stewart. Come to think of it, by the time they actually get around to the end of the third film it will be time to remake the entire franchise so McAvoy can just keep playing the same character. That takes care of a lot of problems.

One interesting note: despite being set in 1962, Vaughn admits First Class isn’t very “60’s.” He claims it takes about five years for a decade to develop an identity and that the second film would probably take place around 1967. Which means mutants clashing with flower power hippies like the picture to the left (full size here). Awesome.

Source: ScreenRant