‘X-Men’ Spawns Four Spin-Offs

Producers are planning four different spin-off movies featuring characters from X-Men film trilogy. 

X-Men: The Last Stand opened worldwide last week to massive audiences who will be delighted there are more mutant movies coming soon.

Australian actor Hugh Jackman has already signed on for Wolverine, which will begin shooting next year.

And 20th Century Fox’s production president Hutch Parker says, “We’ve also talked about doing something on the kids in (Professor X’s) school, focusing on their lives, and less of a global adventure for the team.”

The studio is also exploring a movie based on the character of Emma Frost, a sexy mutant telepath who can transform her skin into diamonds.

She is an X-Men comics regular, but does not feature in any of the movies. Another solo project is currently being written called Magneto, which will focus on the character’s pre-villain days.

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