‘Y tu mama tambien’ Actors Join Will Ferrell’s Spanish-Language Comedy

ALT TEXTWill Ferrell‘s added two cast members to his Spanish-language comedy: Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, stars of the acclaimed 2001 drama Y tu mama tambien.

And, oh yeah, if you haven’t heard, Will Ferrell is making a Spanish-language comedy. Yep, you read that right. A Spanish-language comedy. It’s called Casa de mi padre and will be directed by former SNL writer Matt Piedmont. Just when we thought that Ferrell had figured out how to be funny again (The Other Guys), he goes and proves us wrong with this.

Right now, there are few details available about Padre. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the story will be told in an “overly dramatic telenovela style and feature English subtitles.” So, yeah. The movie will basically be Will Ferrell, partially or fully nude, running around and screaming Spanish. Oh joy! Um, hello? Doesn’t anyone else remember when Jack Black had this idea a few years ago with Nacho Libre, and it turned into the most horrible thing ever made? We can’t help but assume that Padre won’t be much better — and probably more racist. Good luck with this one, Will.

At least there are a pair of very talented co-stars to look forward to. Bernal and Luna are very exciting to watch on screen and if we’re lucky, maybe even Sofia Vergara will stop by for a role. Hell, why stop there?! Let’s make this a Spanish-style Expendables and get Clifton Collins Jr., George Lopez and Eva Longoria-Parker and Freddy Rodriguez up in this joint!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter