You Asked for It:’s Top 25 Searches

Holiday season is now upon us, and with that comes the glut of top-notch movies. Those movies figured prominently in’s Top 25 searches over the past week. 

Pamela Anderson retained her title as King, er, Queen of the Search (she was recently named’s most-searched celeb of all time), again proving the obvious: there’s no bad time for a little Pam!

Aside from the celeb staples, the aforementioned holiday movies rounded out your top 10 searches—though Katie Holmes took a little bit of a tumble down to No. 6—as seen in In Touch magazine. At No. 3 was the movie that has captured viewers’—and awards voters’—hearts, Brokeback Mountain, just edging out last weekend’s box-office champ, The Chronicles of Narnia, which boasted the second-highest December gross of all time. Narnia’s reign will be short-lived, however, as the behemoth that is (No. 5) King Kong roars into theaters this weekend. If there’s any mere movie that could challenge Pam for the top spot, it might just be King KongHarry Potter held strong at No. 7, but it continues its slip steadily from your consciousness—with correlating box-office numbers. And right behind Potter was Syriana, which has stirred its way into the top 10 and many a dinnertime argument, after finally seeing its nationwide release.

As for the remainder of the 25, there are few surprises. Clearly excitement has already begun for next year’s Superman Returns (No. 12), and that’s certain to continue. Perhaps the most curious placement on the list—Doom at No. 25 notwithstanding—is that of Jennifer Aniston’s Derailed (No. 23, just ahead of Aniston herself); it’s been in theaters for a long time by now, but there’s still strong interest. Coming in ahead of both Derailed  and Aniston are her ex, Brad Pitt (No. 16) and his, um, lady friend, Angelina Jolie (10). Hmm…

See for yourself:

1. Pamela Anderson

2. Jessica Simpson

3. Brokeback Mountain

4. The Chronicles of Narnia

5. King Kong

6. Katie Holmes

7. Harry Potter

8. Syriana

9. Cameron Diaz

10. Angelina Jolie

11. Superman Returns

12. Rent

13. Memoirs of a Geisha

14. Kirsten Dunst

15. Brad Pitt

16. Walk the Line

17. Pride and Prejudice

18. Jarhead

19. Tom Cruise

20. Just Friends

21. Derailed

22. Jennifer Aniston

23. Aeon Flux

24. Doom

25. Saw 2