You Can Call Jonah Hill This Weekend!

You Can Call Jonah Hill This Weekend!

Want Jonah Hill’s phone number? Well, I suppose that’s reasonable. It’s (917) 409-7838.

Seriously. Call him.

In promotion for The Sitter, which released a bawdy, incredibly funny trailer last month, star Jonah Hill will be opening his phone lines to people seeking babysitters. No… he probably won’t actually look after your kids while you’re out (and that’s likely a good thing). But he will, in fact, be answering random calls all weekend, which is pretty awesome.

Hill stars as a reluctant babysitter without much regard for his kids’ safety, as he takes them to a party with him in order to not miss out on the opportunity of sleeping with Ari Graynor. As you can see in the trailer, the film seems to be in the style of wild Pineapple Express action-filled comedies of recent years. Also to come in this vein: the Hill-starring 21 Jump Street.

But stop reading this! Time is running out! CALL JONAH HILL!