Your Annual Justin Long Update

Justin LongIt’s the day you’ve all been waiting for! Our annual Justin Long update!

Our boy Long has two films in the works (with another being shopped around), a TV show he’ll be executive producing and a new web series. Looks like our little Mac nut has finally made it.

First, the two films. We talked about Ten Year yesterday when Ron Livingston joined the cast, so you’re up to speed on that. Next is an indie called Chronicle with Ryan Philippe. Sadly, I doubt this will involve wardrobes or chronic. Alas. The TV show Long sold to CBS revolves around two high school science teachers who live together but lead very different lives. One would imagine there are several life lessons to be learned about living together in harmony. The other feature he is shopping around involves a guy who lied about his online dating profile and has to keep up the charade he created. So basically it’s a bad sitcom premise stretched out for two hours. Come on Long!

But the coolest thing in this update is the web series he sold to CollegeHumor. The series, called Fanfare, will recreate bizarre encounters of celebrities and their fans. CollegeHumor has a great track record of working with stars in their original programming as well as with their own in-house content.

Perhaps the biggest surprise in all this news is his production partner – Keir O’Donnell. Perhaps you may remember him from this? Yeah, I was just as shocked too.

Be sure to check in next year when we catch up with Justin Long again!

Source: Deadline