YouTube to Play Movies — Legally!

In case you weren’t already procrastinating enough at work by YouTubing that Obama/McCain “Dance-Off,” the video-sharing Website has announced a new feature that’ll keep us unproductive for the foreseeable future: full-length movies.

They may be tiny — and don’t expect widescree HD. But, hey, they’re free. And legal.

The Google-owned site struck a deal with MGM over the weekend to stream the movies. Just don’t go thinking you’ll be able to catch up on every MGM-produced James Bond film in time for the release of Quantum of Solace, because the Bond series isn’t a part of the pact. Yet.

Initially, full-length titles will include the Seann William Scott actioner Bulletproof Monk and the Yul Brynner Western The Magnificent Seven, while clips of films such as Legally Blonde will be available.

Some of the studio’s TV shows, beginning with the original American Gladiators, also will be streamed.

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