Zach Braff Goes To ‘Oz: The Great And Powerful’

zach braffWhile there are a million fairy tale movies currently being made in Hollywood, I think Sam Raimi’s Oz: The Great and Powerful has pulled ahead for the lead in my book. The latest addition to the already impressive cast is Zach Braff. Now, to recap, James Franco is playing a circus magician mistaken for a wizard when he arrives in Oz. Braff is his under-appreciated assistant and the towns-people ask them to take care of the witches who will be played by Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, and Michelle Williams.

Now look, you can’t argue with the casting of Franco and the lady witches. That’s more talent collected than most G20 meetings. And the addition of Braff? I know Braff is polarizing (that’s the nice way of putting it) but the dude can handle the funny and the serious better than most. Scrubs shifted more gears than a beat up pick-up truck and Braff was one of the reasons it did it so well. Besides, he’s already visited Oz once before.

Source: Deadline