Zoe Saldana Boards ‘Infinitely Polar Bear’ With Mark Ruffalo

Zoe SaldanaI guess J.J. Abrams has a bit of a pattern. He’s producing a new project called Infinitely Polar Bear, about a bi-polar man who goes off his medication, which of course creates problems for his family, his job, and his wife. The flick already has Mark Ruffalo set at the man at the center of it all, and now it looks like Zoe Saldana (you may remember her as Uhura from Abrams’ Star Trek) will take on the wife who bears the brunt of the repercussions. Her character eventually ends up going back to work to make up for her husband’s lost job and ends up moving out and leaving him with the kids. Yikes. Heavy.

The flick doesn’t yet have a studio, but it’s got a backer, so that’s a good step. The script also comes from screenwriter Maya Forbes (Monsters vs. Aliens, The Larry Sanders Show); this will be her first directing gig as well, and what a way to get started.

Shooting is set to start in September, and now that that’s out of the way, we’ll get to the part you’re really wondering about: what does this all mean for Star Trek 2? Well, word has it that Saldana will slip back into Uhura’s red dress as soon as she’s done filming this movie. Now, let’s hope this one doesn’t get delayed and cause some sort of ridiculous domino effect causing us to have to wait EVEN LONGER for the Star Trek sequel. Seriously, I don’t know how much more patient I can be.

Source: Vulture