‘Zombieland’ Director Sought For ‘Gangster Squad’

Ruben FleischerWarner Brothers really wants to make Tales From The Gangster Squad. They’ve gone through many directors – everyone from Ben Affleck and Darren Aronofsky have been sought at one time or another time – and as we’ve previously reported they haven’t found the perfect match.

Until now (and of course the short list of directors they were considering is completely null and void at this point).

They’ve approached Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer to helm the 40s-era crime drama. The movie does sound really interesting (its basically a super group of cops who go up against organized crime). But why Fleischer? I’m not knocking the guy, he seems like a fantastic filmmaker, but why hand one of your hottest, most treasured properties to a guy who has only done comedy? In fact, the only thing he has definitively lined up is the awesome sounding 30 Minutes or Less, currently in post production and set for an August 12th 2011 release. Maybe he has some hidden talent up his sleeve, but hey, if Warner Brothers are happy with him I guess I should be too.

As long as he has stripper zombies getting blown to bits by a guy wearing a bloody white tuxedo, I’m game.

Source: Deadline