‘Zombieland’ Producer Gavin Polone To Direct ‘Psycho Killer’

ALT TEXTLooks like it’s time for some good old fashioned, brute force murder. Giddy-up.

The Last Exorcism creators Eli Roth, Eric Newman, and StudioCanal are reuniting for Pyscho Killer — a serial killer thriller written by Andrew Kevin Walker (the genius behind Se7en) and to be helmed by Zombieland producer Gavin Polone in his directorial debut.

From the premise, the film sounds like classic horror designed to do one thing: scare the hell out of you. The story follows a nameless, masked serial killer making his way across the United States, leaving a trail of dead bodies along the way. In Nebraska, he unexpectedly runs into a highway patrolman and murders him. The only witness — the patrolman’s wife who’s also an officer — sets out on a manhunt for the maniac.

Variety reports that the first 20% of the film will follow only the killer and then, once the officer is introduced, it will follow both paths until the characters clash. Roth called Killer an “elevated, uncompromising, R-rated thriller.”

“When people read the name Psycho Killer from the creators of Seven and Hostel, they know they are in for an intense ride, but one that will be smart and original,” said the filmmaker.

And Roth is right. When I first read about this, my initial reaction was “this is going to be sickening in all the right ways”. This is the type of film the horror genre needs right now: a character driven experience that will really frighten people. With this excellent creative team behind the project, I have no doubt that I’ll have difficulty sleeping for a few weeks after Psycho Killer’s release.

Source: Variety