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B.O. FORECAST: Gross-Outs for Grosses?

Mar 19, 2001 | 11:50am EST

Got poop?

If you go see "Scary Movie" this weekend, then you'll certainly have it and lots of other lowbrow, bathroom humor. A parody of the "Scream" films and their ilk, the latest cinematic flourish from the Wayans brothers tries to flush out the competition by one-upping the Farrelly brothers at their own gross-is-funny game.

In other words, it's that time of year -- the post-holiday summer weeks when the flood of big new releases starts to ebb a little. The only other new offering this weekend is "Disney's The Kid," a comedy starring Bruce Willis and a little boy -- this time, one who doesn't see dead people.

But the big story this weekend could be "The Perfect Storm" again, if the George Clooney disaster pic continues to float.

Here's a look at this weekend's new releases:

"Scary Movie" SCARY MOVIE (See the trailer) The Skinny: A knife-wielding guy in a ghost mask is terrorizing teens in a small town. The difference is, he likes to smoke pot with his victims before he kills them. The Upside: The "Scream" films each grossed more than $100 million. The Downside: This one's just plain gross.

"Disney's The Kid" DISNEY'S THE KID (See the trailer) The Skinny: A burned-out PR guy suffering a mid-life crisis (Bruce Willis) rediscovers his love for life after he's confronted with his 8-year-old self, who travels forward in time. Isn't that cute? The Upside: Willis scored big last year when he was paired with another little boy, Haley Joel Osment, in "The Sixth Sense." The Downside: "The Kid" in question is Spencer Breslin, and he's nowhere near as cute as Haley Joel Osment (Sorry, Spencer).

Elsewhere in theaters, Mel Gibson will continue trying to figure out why "The Patriot" isn't No. 1, Robert De Niro will try to figure out why he's not funny in the quickly sinking "The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle," the limp "Shaft" remake and "Gone in 60 Seconds" will hang around a little longer.

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