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'The Expendables' Leads Monday's Box Office With $3.9M

Aug 17, 2010 | 11:53am EDT

Inception movie poster 2010Monday Daily Box Office Rally

First PlaceSylvester Stallone's The Expendables fought off the competition to hold down the top spot at Monday's box office, taking in $3.9 million from 3,270 theaters across America.  The old-school actioner has grossed $38.77 million since it opened Friday with help from stars like Jason Statham, Jet Li, and even an appearance by California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Second PlaceEat Pray Love cruised into second place at the box office yesterday with the aid of the legendary Julia Roberts, adding $3.04 million to its coffers for a cumulative $26.15 million.

Third Place - The Other Guys with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg stayed in the top three Monday with $2.26 million at the box office.  The Adam McKay comedy has now grossed a cool $72.2 million since its debut almost 2 weeks ago, which was star Will Ferrell's second biggest opening of his career.

Daily Box Office Top 12 Movies for Monday, August 16, 2010:

Movie Title Monday Gross Theatres Per-Theatre Average Domestic Total
1.   The Expendables

$3.94M 3,270 $1,205 $38.77M
2.   Eat Pray Love

$3.04M 3,082 $988 $26.15M
3.   The Other Guys

$2.26M 3,651 $619 $72.21M
4.   Inception $1.53M 3,120 $491 $250M
5.   Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

$1.47M 2,818

$520 $12.08M
6.   Despicable Me

$1.10M 2,923

$375 $223.29M
7.   Step Up 3D

$1.06M 2,439 $433 $30.88M
8.   Dinner for Schmucks

$957k 3,046 $314 $59.74M
9.   Salt

$768k 2,834 $271 $104.21M
10. Cats & Dogs: The Revenge

      of Kitty Galore

$710k 2,728 $260 $35.93M
11. Toy Story 3

$390k 1,219 $320 $401.21M
12. Charlie St. Cloud

$333k 2,083 $160 $29.09M

*Monday daily box office numbers provided by Box Office.

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