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'Vampires Suck' Leads the Box Office With $4 Million

Aug 19, 2010 | 12:01pm EDT

Inception movie poster 2010Wednesday Daily Box Office Rally

First Place - Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg's latest pop culture parody fest Vampires Suck took aim at the beloved Twilight franchise and came away with over $4 million at the box office Wednesday night.  The comedy opened yesterday in almost 3,000 theaters nationwide.

Second Place - Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables may have fallen to second place, but the old school actioner still had legs yesterday, raking in just over $3 million at the box office for a cumulative $45.66 million gross since it opened last Friday with star power from the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, and Jet Li.

Third Place - Julia Roberts' romantic travelogue Eat Pray Love was third at the box office Wednesday, garnering $2.9 million.  The film is playing in over 3,000 theaters and has grossed $32.43 million since it opened opposite The Expendables last Friday.

Daily Box Office Top 12 Movies for Wednesday, August 18, 2010:

Movie Title Wednesday Gross Theatres Per-Theatre Average Domestic Total
1.   Vampires Suck

$4.02M 2,978 $1,349 $4.02M
2.   The Expendables

$3.03M 3,270 $926 $45.66M
3.   Eat Pray Love $2.94M 3,082 $955 $32.43M
4.   The Other Guys $1.93M 3,651 $529 $76.38M
5.   Inception $1.37M 3,120

$439 $252.9M
6.   Scott Pilgrim vs.

      The World
$1.14M 2,818

$405 $14.65M
7.   Despicable Me $1.11M 2,923 $380 $225.5M
8.   Step Up 3D

$853k 2,439 $350 $32.94M
9.   Dinner for Schmucks

$818k 3,046 $269 $61.53M
10. Cats & Dogs: Revenge

      of Kitty Galore

$722k 2,728 $265 $37.41M
11. Salt $721k 2,834 $254 $105.8M
12. Toy Story 3 $364k 1,219 $299 $401.9M

*Wednesday daily box office numbers provided by Box Office.

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