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50 Million Dollar Wednesday for 'Social Network'

Oct 14, 2010 | 2:05pm EDT


Wednesday Daily Box Office Rally

086829H1.jpgFirst Place - With a Wednesday gross of $1.23 million, 'The Social Network' continues to dominate the movie marketplace.  The critically acclaimed film has now crossed the $50 million mark with $50.82 million and with great word-of-mouth to continue its reign at number one.

Second Place - Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel dazzle audiences with 'Life As We Know It' as their movie secures second with $1.08 million on Wednesday and a per-theater average of $343.

Third Place - 'Secretariat' races hard finishing in a close third with $1.06 million at just 3,072 theaters and averaging $344 per-theater at the box office on Wednesday.  The high per-theater average suggests that this horse has legs to compete strong into the weekend.

Daily Box Office Top 12 Movies for Wednesday, October 13, 2010:

Movie Title Wednesday Theatres Per-Theatre Average Domestic Total
1. The Social Network

$1.23M 2,771 $444 $50.82M
2. Life As We Know It

$1.08M 3,150 $343 $18.53M
3. Secretariat

$1.06M 3,072 $344 $16.85M
4. The Town

$550k 2,720 $202 $75.96M
5. Wall Street 2

$402k 2,829 $142 $45.11M
6. My Soul To Take: 3-D

$386k 2,572

$150 $8.37M
7. Legend of the Guardians

$365k 3,225 $113 $41.34M
8. Easy A

$276k 2,847 $97 $49.36M
9. Case 39

$227k 2,212

$103 $10.48M
10. Let Me In

$219k 2,042

$107 $10.00M
11. You Again

$192k 2,332

$82 $21.55M
12. It's Kind Of A Funny Story

$165k 742 $223 $2.62M

*Wednesday daily box office numbers provided by Box Office.

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