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'Social Network' hits $80 million on Tuesday!

Nov 03, 2010 | 1:04pm EDT


First Place - Lionsgate's 'Saw 3D' - A Tuesday gross of $1.88 million puts 'Saw' on top of the chart with a five day total of $28.1 million.  The seventh and final installment of the profitable horror franchise had a weekend performance that was nearly double the amount of its predecessor "Saw 6" and the 3D component was the key.  Fully 92% of the $24.2 million opening weekend revenue was generated by 2,100 3D theatres.

Second Place - Summit's 'RED' - Bruce Willis and his ensemble cast continue to draw viewers as the geriatric action movie shows amazing staying power and on its 19th day of release grabs the number three spot with $1.2 million and a domestic cumulative gross of $61 million.

Third Place - Paramount's 'Paranormal Activity 2' - On its twelfth day of release the sequel to the most profitable movie of all time earned another $1.18 million.  This brings the film's total domestic revenue to an impressive $68.2 million.  Notably, the IMAX experience contributed a strong $2.5 million to the opening weekend total.

Daily Box Office Top 12 Movies for Tuesday, November 2, 2010:

Movie Title Tuesday Gross

Theatres Per-Theatre Average Domestic Total
1. Saw 3D

$1.88M 2,808 $673 $28.1M
2. RED

$1.20M 3,349 $360 $61.0M
3. Paranormal Activity 2

$1.18M 3,239 $366 $68.2M
4. Jackass 3D

$1.13M 3,139 $361 $103.9M
5. Hereafter

$731k 2,424 $302 $23.5M
6. Secretariat

$695k 3,108

$224 $45.9M
7. Life as We Know It

$559k 2,860 $196 $44.5M
8. The Social Network $538k 2,767 $195 $80.5M
9. Legend of the Guardians

$343k 2,010

$171 $53.2M
10. The Town

$261k 1,608

$163 $88.1M
11. Conviction

$236k 565

$418 $2.8M
12. Easy A

$127k 1,262 $101 $56.5M

*Tuesday daily box office numbers provided by Box Office.

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